We know the technology, so we have the superpowers you need.

CodicePlastico is a small but mighty team
of software engineers

In our team we only have space for those who have a wild passion for technology and perfection. We are a group of developers who like working in a team, but we also give our best working individually listening to our favorite music.

We strongly believe in keeping each other informed and our typical day always starts with a standup meeting. Training is another fundamental element of our life as developers: we spend a lot of time learning, getting to know and trying out new technologies which helps us improve the way we write software.

Alessandro @amelchiori

Alessandro Melchiori

Software craftsman, husband, father, ex-sportsman and inquiring reader. Since I was young I have loved taking apart and reassembling things to understand how they work. Now, this passion has become my job: the step from Lego to software development was a short one. Finding the best possible solution so that a complex system can work at its best and making it run smoothly are the goals of my work. C#, WCF, ESB, MongoDb and Azure make up my survival toolkit and help me cruise through distributed systems and enterprise solutions with ease. Be it a command or an event, I try to do my best in contributing to the life of the communities that have adopted me (ugidotnet and WEBdeBS), trying to “give back” at least a part of what I have received over these years.

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Emanuele @emadb

Emanuele Del Bono

I am an architect and software developer with more than 10 years’ experience in building web applications. I have always been curious and interested in learning new technologies and new languages, and over the last few years I have spent my time in frontend development, taking in my stride the quirks of javascript and different browser personalities. C#, Ruby, Javascript, Test Driven Development, Patterns and Clean Code are the languages I speak every day. I love to share what I learn, actively participating in conferences as a speaker at numerous events for various developer communities. But I don’t just live for technology: in my spare time I really enjoy freshwater sailing on Lake Garda and being a “perfect dad”.

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Valeria @vleonardi

Valeria Leonardi

Geeky mum, music lover and clarinetist for more than ten years, I successfully share my time between my work and my two children. I started off writing C# code, and today I switch between WPF projects, Asp.NET MVC, Silverlight, to name but a few. After a brief Python development experience, I am now enthusiastic about developing mobile applications for Android. Whilst during the day I work with the team to deliver bespoke projects for clients, once home I "replace" the computer with the sewing machine, to dedicate myself to my sewing hobby!

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Maddalena Germinario

When I was a little girl, if someone asked me what I would want to be as a grown-up I used to answer "an engineer". The passion for new technologies naturally led me to Computer Science. With a lot of sacrifice and perseverance my
 dream came true: I have been working as a software developer for more than 8 years. I'm sure that the best is yet to come and so I face the daily challenges of my work willing to improve my skills and learn new things, also relying on the fruitful cooperation with the team. When I turn off the computer, I enjoy my great passions: AS Roma football team and Francesco Totti, shopping (I'm a bit of a fashion addict) and travelling.

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Pietro Martinelli

I'm an experienced software engineer: I'm working since 2003 and I grew up professionally in the Java and JEE ecosystem. However, I always tried to keep alive my curiosity and my desire to learn something new every day: I therefore welcomed with enthusiasm the opportunity to bring to play my architectural and methodological skills in a different technological environment, firmly belief that the real common language is to desire to make things in the most clean and elegant way and to continuously share informations, skills and experiences. I collaborate since over fifteen years as a teaching assistant with the University of Brescia, discovering and rediscovering that teaching is the best way to learn. I'm a passionate cyclist and a serial reader - from Divina Commedia to technical readings, from novels to the phone book - but the great passion of my life are "my women": my wife and our wonderful daughters.

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Marco Bonera

Live life with optimism and heart. I approached the world of development for my desire to discover, create and enjoy playing with technology. Since the first steps with Lego and Meccano. I have always enjoyed dismantling and reassembling. My desire for concreteness pushes me to always stubbornly complete the projects started with a focus on practicality and beauty. My tools are mostly C # WPF SQL but I do not dislike a look at the React Angular NodeJs web frameworks. I spend my free time in the mountains with my family and my beloved dog.

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Chiara Ghiselli

    My background is based on classical studies. Having put aside the Greek dictionary and the pedagogical textbooks, my choices and a bit of chance have led me to become familiar with the world of secretariat and administration. My motto is "order", I like to find the right place for everything and I am passionate about organization and arrangement, as much on the desk as within the walls of the house. In my free time I love reading and I enjoy cooking cakes for my two girls and my husband.

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    Umberto Franchini

    Fascinated by the videogames of the 80s and 90s, I took the road of programming at a young age. After completing my university studies I started working as a web developer. I prefer front-end development, but over time I have expanded my skills to back-end development, effectively becoming a full-stack developer. I love aspects of my work that have to do with solving problems, giving value to end users, but my passions go beyond work: when I don't write code, I like to practice freediving in Garda Lake, where I live, and dedicate myself to my wife and my beautiful daughters.

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    Paolo @paololaurenti

    Paolo Laurenti

    I'm a software developer with several years’ experience. My passion for computer science was born the first time I saw my older brother playing with his "Commodore 16". I was very young and I didn't understand the meaning of "insert and remove compact cassettes", "load", "return", etc.. but it was so fascinating and it surely influenced me when, years later, I decided to study computer science. At the moment I mostly create back-end solution, I'm also very interested in distribution and scalability problems of software. I've been working for many years with C#, and lately I've become fond of NodeJs and specially of Erlang/Elixir. I think that open dialogue and knowledge sharing are the best way to learn from others and achieve personal growth together so I strongly believe in the community participation. In fact I've been coordinating the activities of “XPug Bologna” for several years and I’m involved with the organization of some italian conferences. Anyway the software world is not the only one for me: I'm a great basket fan, I love good food, good wine and long walks in the mountains.

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    Davide Brognoli

    I've been working as a software developer since 2005 and, since 6 years ago, I've focused almost exclusively on front end technologies. Apart from building web applications, I've also accumulated experience as software consultant and technical trainer. My day to day work involves a ton of coding - and sometimes fighting - with HTML, JS and CSS. I keep myself up to date and enjoy experimenting with the latest trends in the industry. I believe in giving back and knowledge sharing and I help the local developers community as much as I can through WEBdeBS, of which I'm an active member.

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    Claudio Marchiori

    When I finished my studies in advertising graphics I approached the technologies and there I have found my work and my passion.
    I started developing web interfaces in the early 2000s and then arrived at today's modern web applications, having the opportunity to experience the evolution of the internet. I've focused on front end development, but my curiosity leads me to be interested in other languages because I want to improve myself every day.
    In my free time I like running and spending my time in mountains.

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    Alberto Fusar

    I started working as a software developer about 15 years ago after taking a degree in telecommunications engineering. I have worked for many years in projects related to contact centers. I have always appreciated the real time and the fully integrated solutions required by this specific sector. I like following the whole lifecycle of a project, from the customer's requirements to the deployment to production searching the optimal solutions through the discussion and selection of the most appropriate technologies. In the first years of my career I used C/C++ programming language, then I switched to web technologies using Java and C# programming languages mainly. In my spare time I like reading, practicing sport and travelling. I now have less time to dedicate to these hobbies because I am a father, but I think it's always worth it...

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    Giovanni Caniato

    I am a programmer and a drummer but, at the core, I am a tinkerer: I like to experiment, break, rebuild; with technology as well as anything else that piques my interest. That mindset is what drew me to programming, I had to understand what that "magic" that made computers work was and explore the boundaries of what you can do with them.
    I have worked mostly on the web with with various technologies (Node.js, Angular, Docker, RubyOnRails, .NET) but I am also interested in AI and network security.
    Learning new things and finding creative solutions to challenging problems are the things I like the most about the job.

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    Mariachiara @merissimissima

    Mariachiara Pezzotti

    I'm a designer, I design everything that sits between users and technology. I believe that the "good design" is, first of all, to put yourself in the shoes of your users, to know their world and their needs and to implement solutions that help them to solve their day-to-day problems. I like teaching because it's challenging and a good way to keep myself up-to-date. When I'm away from my laptop, I sing in a gospel choir and I play the uke, for the neighborhood's joy.

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    Jacek Wronski

    I mainly deal with the development of web applications in ASP.NET with some braces in the mobile world. I like to try and experiment with new technologies and languages ​​with particular attention to architecture and methodologies. DDD, TDD, Microservices and many others are my favorite topics. As soon as possible I participate in events and meetings organized by the community of developers and enthusiasts on the Italian territoryas I believe that in this sector we never stop and we must always keep up with the times with constant updatesand exchange of knowledge. After a day in front of the monitor I dedicate myself to teaching kung fu which has become an integral part of my life. My weak point?Good food!

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    Andrea Gadaldi

    I am a UI and UX designer who wants to dive into the world of front-end development: learning to expand my knowledge, whether it refers to creative or technical fields, is the reason why I do this work. Being passionate about comics, movies, videogames and boardgames, I believe that communication and sharing experience are the best way to design products with and for the people.

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